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I Am Easy To Find Deluxe 3x12" Vinyl (Red/Yellow/Grey)


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Title: I Am Easy to Find
Format: 3x12" Vinyl (Red/Yellow/Grey)
Release Date: May 17, 2019
Label: 4AD Ltd

Digital download included.

01) You Had Your Soul With You
02) Quiet Light
03) Roman Holiday
04) Oblivions
05) The Pull Of You
06) Hey Rosey
07) I Am Easy To Find
08) Her Father In The Pool
09) Where Is Her Head
10) Not In Kansas
11) So Far So Fast
12) Dust Swirls in Strange Light
13) Hairpin Turns
14) Rylan
15) Underwater
16) Light Years

Pressed on 3x12" standard weight vinyl.  Set includes opaque red, yellow, and grey colors as featured in the imagery.  Tri-fold LP jacket with 3 x printed inner sleeves. Includes a 24-page booklet and foldout poster. Sides A - D features full album tracklist with side E featuring the "I Am Easy To Find Original Film Score" with a side F etching.  Includes code for a digital download of the album in MP3 format. The audio for the film score is not included as a digital download.